4 Great Minecraft Building Servers

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Our favorite Minecraft building servers

Within this blog entry, we will be looking into the last-mentioned aspect of Minecraft, Building. You could go into singleplayer and build for how long you are able to. But then you miss out on one of the biggest aspects of Minecraft, The community.

Minecraft is one of the world’s most bought games of all time. And for a good reason. Minecraft provides about everything you could wish for. Interested in growing crops? You got it. Enjoy going onto a killing spree? You got it. Do you like shaping your own buildings to get an outlet for your creative mind? Minecraft has that as well. You simply can not go wrong with Minecraft.

Therefore we have searched the community to find the best Minecraft building servers for you to enjoy.

1. Datblock

The first entry of our list is the server Datblock. It is a custom-developed server with a big variety of features and games.

Castle hall for Datblock Minecraft building server

Datblock has a big range of game modes, but we are going to focus on the creative world. When you first join the lobby you can expect an estimate of 500 players online at most times of the day. Within Datblock you can claim your own plot to build on. If you need any inspiration there is a big range of player set warps to teleport to. We found a beautiful castle made by the player “128×256”.

Datblock earns the spot on our Minecraft building servers list because of their “Build Battles”, you are able to compete against other builders. You can Either team up or go Solo. this is truly a great Minecraft building server.

address: Play.datblock.com

Click here to go to Datblock’s website

2. Manacube

Manacube is a Minecraft Network with a variety of game modes. These game modes consist of: Parkour, Skyblock, Creative, Survival, Islands, Skywars, And Kitpvp.

forrest build on Manacube Minecraft building server

Manacube is clearly one-of-a-kind servers. They have some insane builds along with their network. The above image shows a build we found when visiting them. The player has built a realistic landscape with windmills and a river. Truly an amazing build!

One of the coolest features of Manacube is that staff grades all the builds with a letter between A+ to D depending on the quality of the build. This can really bring out some competitive builders. We really recommend you go check it out.

address: play.manacube.net

Click Here to go to Manacube’s website

3. Shadow Kingdom

Shadow Kingdom is a unique network that is perfect if you like building. They host regular building contests and have some amazing builds.

Two buildings of animals on Shadow Kingdom Minecraft building server

Whether you’re a build-savvy architect, competitive PvP warrior, or just looking for a place to meet a tight-knit community of friendly individuals, Shadow Kingdom Network is the place for you!

Shadow Kingdom is divided between 2 main servers: Creative and Towny; both of which are much different from each other. Only operating 2 main game modes allowing their team to pay special attention to the small details, and also allows for constant updates, bug fixes, and support. Shadow Kingdom has been running for many years, and its servers are established and packed with many custom features!

address: mc.shadowkingdom.org

Click here to go to Shadow Kingdom’s website

4. Piratecraft

The coolest entry on our list is Piratecraft. This server has an truly unigue spin on how you play Minecraft.

A big castle with a pirateship on Piratecraft Minecraft building server

Have you ever thought about being a Pirate? Well, then this server is for you. Within Piratecraft you can live out your biggest dreams of sailing the seven oceans. There are huge amounts of custom features within this server. You can build your own working ship and equip it with working cannons. Sail together with your crew.

If you like to have an old-school retractable bridge that is also possible. The building opportunities within Piratecraft are endless. This is our favorite Minecraft building server.

address: https://piratemc.com/

Click here to go to Piratecraft’s website

Enjoyed our Minecraft building server list?

Feel free to share the post with your friends. They might be interested in joining one of the 4 Minecraft building servers we mentioned today!

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