How to create a Minecraft Server

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Minecraft is the most popular game in the world, with over 200 million copies sold and 126 million active users in 2020. With that insane amount of players, one might be interested to start their own community within Minecraft. We will help you with that today.

Price Ranges

When deciding what kind of Minecraft server you need you will need to pick what server performance you want. Some companies provide budget options. Here at Cyperhost, we provide premium hardware for budget pricing. Let’s go over what that means.


Premium plans are run on the fastest server hardware available on the market. They run on the AMD Ryzen 7 processor together with SSD drives and fast DDR4 Ram. This plan will ensure extreme performance for your players.

How much RAM does my Minecraft server need?

Now when you have decided on what price range to go with, it’s time to decide how much RAM your server needs.

The right server plan for you will depend on the amount of RAM your server needs to support the number of players you expect to host, the server type you want to run, the type and number of mods or plugins you intend to use, etc.

Bellow, we have an estimated cheat sheet to follow when you need to figure out the amount of RAM to order.

Player Slots*
World Size*
Up to 5
Up to 5GB
Up to 10
Up to 8GB
Up to 10
Up to 15
Up to 10GB
Up to 25
Up to 25
Up to 15GB
Up to 40
Up to 30
Up to 40GB
Up to 45
Up to 40
Up to 30GB
Up to 50
Up to 60
Up to 40GB
Up to 90
Up to 60GB
Up to 150
Up to 70GB
Up to 150GB
Up to 150GB
150GB +

Remember that this is a rough estimate of what you need. Its better to go with a bit more RAM than you need to ensure that your server is running as smoothly as possible.



Ordering your Minecraft server


Alright now when we have gone through how to decide on the specifications of your server. Now lets go into the actual setting up of the server.


From the top navigation menu of Cyperhost´s Website, click Minecraft hosting or directly through this link: Minecraft plans 


On the Minecraft plans page, select a service plan by clicking on Purchase now directly below your chosen plan. 


For the purpose of this tutorial, we will pick the SLIME 4GB plan.


On the order page, select your preferred billing cycle. By default, this is set to monthly. However, you may choose to pay for your server renewal on any of our available cycles explained below:


  • Monthly: Billed one (1) month after the previous one.
  • Quarterly: Billed 3 months at a time.
  • Semi-Annually: Billed 6 months at a time.
  • Annually: Billed 12 months or a full year after the previous one.


When you have decided on what Billing cycle to go with you can fill in the desired name for your server.


Once you’ve reviewed the Order Summaryclick Continue to checkout.


If you have a discount code, enter it on the bottom section of the Review & Checkout page and click Validate Code to apply the discount and update your total amount due. If you have successfully applied the coupon or do not have one, click the Checkout button.


You will be asked to log in or register on the Checkout page. If you have an account, simply click on the Already Registered button. Otherwise, you may sign up by filling out the registration form or through any of the alternate options shown on the page. 


Once logged in or signed up, scroll to the lower section of the Checkout page to Fill out your card details. Then click Complete Order to checkout and pay for your order.


Once you’ve successfully paid for your order, check your registered email’s inbox for the email containing your Ordering Details. You may also find a copy of the same email in the client area: Email history


You can now begin setting up or begin playing on your Minecraft server. Enjoy!

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