6 Great Plugins for Minecraft Survival Servers

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In this article, we will be talking about 6 great plugins for Minecraft survival servers. What are the plugins that make survival servers great? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Minecraft Survival Plugin List

Our plugin list will cover the following:

  1. GSit: Sit on stairs, trapdoors, players & more
  2. ImageOnMap: Add images on maps & item frames
  3. TreeAssist: Fast leaf decay & more
  4. EssentialsX: Permission-based plugin
  5. Enchantment Solution: A ton of additional enchantments
  6. Lands: All kind of land protection systems

These plugins all work for the latest version of Minecraft (1.16.5).

1. GSit Plugin

Forget faking sitting on chairs, with GSit you can sit on basically any block including stairs, trapdoors, and even players. You even lay down if you’re tired.

GSit Sit on minecraft blocks plugin

With GSit you can sit, lay, crawl & ride on blocks and other entitites. This plugin will for sure enhance your Minecraft survival experience by adding some fun functionality.

The plugin is free to use and is supported by a great developer, it’s one of the most downloaded plugins on Spigot with currently over 175 thousand downloads and an excellent rating.

You can download the GSit Plugin here.

2. ImageOnMap Plugin

Upload images & place them on item frames for everyone to see. This plugin is widely used and even in the Dream SMP which is a survival multiplayer server hosted by Dream the popular Minecraft YouTuber.

With ImageOnMap you can place images on your survival world by loading a URL on a map. ImageOnMap supports selected file types so be careful, you can only upload PNG, JPEG and GIFs.

Not all pictures can fit on a single itemframe. The plugin automatically crops larger sized images into different maps which you then can place on itemframes to make your picture full size, similar to how you would do it with a regular map of your survival world.

All images will be saved upon server restart and will get reloaded when the server is back online.

You can download the ImageOnMap plugin here.

3. TreeAssist Plugin

Punching down trees have never been more easy, with TreeAssist you can punch down an entire tree with only breaking the bottom block of the tree.

TreeAssist allows you to automate the tedious process of punching down trees. You can automatically replant & break trees with various tools that you the server owner have set up with custom names, lores or tools.

The plugin has various customizable settings where you can allow/disallow the automation of tree breaking and the other features the plugin offers such as fast leaf decay.

You can also add custom item drops for tree drops or not. TreeAssist has a ton of customizable features to make the plugin best fit your survival server.

You can download the TreeAssist plugin here.

4. EssentialsX Plugin

The name says it all. EssentialsX is an essential plugin for any Minecraft server. It is a continuation of the Essentials plugin which was no longer supported by their developers.

EssentialsX is a plugin that can do many things, you can create warps, homes, shops, and much more. The plugin has so many features that we simply cannot go over all of them in this article but you can read EssentialsX wiki here.

The best features of EssentialsX for survival servers are that your players can set homes, warps, and their own shops. You can configure like most plugins all permissions via a 3rd party plugin system such as LuckPerms which is quite mandatory when using Essentials because of the large number of features it has.

With EssentialsX you can build an eco system around your survival where your players or friends can use currency to purchase goods from other players or the server.

You can download the EssentialsX plugin here.

5. Enchantment Solution Plugin

Customize your server even more without making it a modded survival by adding tons of new enchantments to your survival world. With over 65 enchantments for your players to choose from there is enough extra things to grind for

The Enchantment Solution plugin does not only provide new enchantments, but it also adds new advancements and modifies various enchantment items & perks. The enchantment level is increased to 50 from the regular 30 to make it extra special to get a great enchantment or you can choose to disable it if you like, to keep it more vanilla.

The plugin also modifies various GUIs (Game User Interfaces) such as the enchantment table itself, the grindstone, and the anvil block. They are all supported & updated to support the plugin and its new enchantments completely.

You the server owner can change all sorts of settings related to the new enchantments, maximum level, conflicting enchantments, enchantment weight, and more.

You can download the Enchantment Solution plugin here.

6. Lands Plugin

Playing with a lot of people on your server or just have trust issues? You can make sure your players don’t harm other players or ruin their builds by adding a layer of protection. Players can claim lands & secure their buildings.

With the help of the Lands plugin, you can make sure your players’ structures are protected, and only they or their trusted friends can modify them. Did some players start an argument? You can let them fight it out themselves with the custom war menu where you can declare war on other players and fight them for in-game currency.

Sounds fun right? That’s not all, Lands offers a lot and their most amazing feature for survival servers is that you can showcase claimed land on a Dynmap so your players can find out where their enemies are located.

You can download the Lands plugin here.

Enjoyed our Minecraft Survival Server Plugins list?

If you enjoyed our 6 plugins for Minecraft survival servers please share the list with your friends that might even join your server to make an amazing Minecraft world.

Be sure to check our other articles regarding Minecraft here.

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